GV Prashanth

GV Prashanth

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First Name * GV
Last Name * Prashanth
Username * gvprashanth
Country * India
City Hyderabad
Nationality indian


Website gvprashanth.wordpress.com/


Hi, I'm Prashanth from the city of Chennai, graduated from Madras University with Bachelors and Visual Communication in 2009. I pursued my learning in animation and Visual Effects at Maac at the same time.

I've had a strong passion to work in the entertainment industry as far back as I can remember, built from a genuine love of video games and animated films. I have always been fascinated by 3d, animation and art. When I first saw computer animation I couldn't get my head around how it was made. I had never seen anything like it. The 1st pixar shorts made a huge impression on me growing up.

I love my job, I love designing, modeling lighting and texturing my own models but love develop the concept and ideas of other artist too. All styles, all types (humans, creatures, cartoon, photorealistic,etc)are an interesting target for me.

Here you’ll find some of my work so put your feet up and have a flick through, just make sure you remember to jump over to Youtube and Wix and have a gander at my showreel too.

I like working on different softwares like Maya, 3dmax, Modo, Zbrush,
Photoshop, After effects, Nuke and so on........Knowledge is infinite and I like learning a lot.

Photography has also been my passion for over ten years :)